Making Sense of the Jumbled Mess (Social Media)

colorful photo of man grabbing face in frustration

Social Media can be a jumbled mess, and running a number of different social media accounts at the same time can be a very difficult task. We manage a few different social media accounts, including our own, and it can get very confusing, very quickly if you don’t have a way to keep everything organized…

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When Your Audience Feels Understood

What are some of the first things that come to your mind when you think about the lottery? Do you feel cheated, or taken advantage of? Do you feel like the whole system is rigged and set up to take your money, but never really pay you back? More often than not, I feel like the…

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If You Have To Get Someone’s Attention

Have you ever checked out the blog that Musicbed runs? If not, I would highly recommend you check it out. They have some incredible content from interviews with some of the nations best directors and cinematographers, to some killer interviews with people in the audio world. Either way, I’m willing to give you a money…

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