Making Sense of the Jumbled Mess (Social Media)

Social Media can be a jumbled mess, and running a number of different social media accounts at the same time can be a very difficult task. We manage a few different social media accounts, including our own, and it can get very confusing, very quickly if you don’t have a way to keep everything organized and planned out. If there is one thing I don’t like, it’s being disorganized and inefficient. I was very pleased when Kendrick joined our team and made the suggestion that we start using Buffer to manage all of our social media accounts.

We have been using Buffer to run our social media accounts, as well as our client’s social media accounts for a while now. As a tool, Buffer is fantastic. It allows us to plan ahead and schedule social media content. It also lets us view our upcoming content in a way that helps us keep the big picture in mind. Buffer connects with a variety of social media platforms and lets the user keep everything in one place in a manageable and organized fashion. However, my favorite thing about Buffer is the peace of mind that it offers.

I love being able to set aside a chunk of time to work on scheduling social media content and posts, rather than constantly worrying about what to post next. I can plan a specific campaign, get it set and ready to go, and let it play out without having to think about it. I think this approach is much more healthy for someone in my position who has to manage multiple accounts with different types of content. It allows me to be more intentional. Even though I still have to post some pieces of content as they come up, being able to plan things out in one sitting gives peace of mind and the ability to let Buffer do the heavy lifting while I focus on other tasks. I can schedule posts for any time of day, which is incredibly helpful given that on some days of the week, according to research, it’s best to post on Instagram at 2 am. I certainly don’t want to stay up late into the night waiting to hit “post.” Thanks to Buffer, I can ‘post something’ while being fast asleep. Buffer doesn’t magically create free content for us (unfortunately), but the functionality and flexibility it offers is pretty much the next best thing.

Be sure to check out Buffer if you find yourself in the situation we did. I can guarantee that you won’t regret giving it a shot.

PS. This post isn’t sponsored. We just really like Buffer. But hey, Buffer, if you want to sponsor us, we certainly wouldn’t complain 😉


-Caleb Hannah, Creative Director


Image Credit: @viniciusamano

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