Labor Day

Though we love grinding out content here at the office. We’d be lying if we said that we aren’t looking forward to Labor Day coming up. Labor Day means several different things to us here at 7th Row. Labor Day to many of us is an emotion, more than anything else. It’s the feeling of a summer well spent, a cold Summer Shandy (or if it’s me, Kendrick, a Green Zebra) with the guys, and a trip out to Grand Haven with your girlfriend. Labor Day is a slow exhale as we look back over the work accomplished this summer.


At my house, the community is at the forefront of much of what I do. In many ways, I try to bring that mentality into the content I film. Whether that be trying to relay accurate imagery for the work we do in real estate or the images we create for local small business owners; I try to allow the sense of camaraderie and friendship to permeate the environment of 7th Row’s content. That’s exactly what’s going to be happening this Monday at my house. The grills going to be lit (Charcoal of course), the brats and burgers will already have been collected from Leyen & Son Meats (a local butcher), and the yard games will be in full swing. Camaraderie, friendship, and community will be fostered. In the rush of life, in the rush of summer busyness, Labor Day provides a moment to reflect and remember that there’s more to life than clocking in and clocking out.


As we go into this holiday weekend we look forward to the day off. We look forward to looking back over a summer’s worth of accomplishments. Have a happy Labor Day everyone, enjoy it in the truest of senses.

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