Why I Love Grand Rapids

I moved to Grand Rapids in the summer of 2016 and fell in love with the culture and community almost immediately. The city is alive! I was walking by Rosa Park Circle about a week after I arrived and was astounded to find a live band playing music for the public. I ended up staying for the whole performance as more people began to congregate, simply enjoying the season together. Some of the people listening started dancing as kids were playing with a huge Jenga set, which I assume the city had provided. I was shocked to see what seemed to be a collaboration between the city and the community which had no monetary benefit for either party. Grand Rapids struck me as different from the other cities I had been in. The city and community work together to improve the quality of life for everybody who lives here.

#1 Metro for living a balanced lifestyle. – Magnify Money

#2 Best place for new small businesses. – GR Lending Tree

#7 Fastest growing economy in U.S.A. – Forbes and Headlight Data

I found three rankings about Grand Rapids which are encouraging for small businesses and employees alike. The intentional push for community has a massive impact on why Grand Rapids was ranked as the #1 Metro for living a balanced lifestyle. The city was also ranked #2 as best place for new small businesses with 85% reporting as profitable.

Working at 7th Row Creative in Grand Rapids has been a real joy. I love that I can work in a city which is so passionate about community, art and music. Being part of a growing city is motivating as it instills a sense of hope and drive towards the future. The statistics also seem to be in our favor, as a new small business in Grand Rapids we hope to continue the trend of success with our own media company.

We created a video for one of our clients showing our favorite parts of Grand Rapids! Take a look.

-Ben Hannah, 7th Row Creative Media Intern

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